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German AMG

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On June 1, 1967, two Germans: Aufrecht and Melcher founded the AMG depot in Grossapach (G), the birthplace of Aufrecht. This is the origin of the three letters of AMG (the first of Aufrecht+Melcher+Grossaspach). letter). At the time, AMG's studio was set up near an old wood factory in Burgstall, Stuttgart. After the establishment of the company, the engine engineering and racing engine tuning tests were the main operating items.items.

Prior to the establishment of AMG, Aufrecht and Melcher worked at Mercedes-Benz and was responsible for the development of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SE racing six-engine. In 1965, Mercedes-Benz launched a newly developed inline six-cylinder racing engine with maximum power. 238 horsepower, this engine was loaded in the car racing in Germany that year and won the champion of the year.

Due to the victory in the German Touring Car Race, many private teams began to turn to Aufrecht and Melcher for assistance. Hopefully Mercedes-Benz can provide technical support so that they can also use this high-performance engine. However, Mercedes-Benz has ordered that, except for the use of shock absorbers and springs that are allowed to be used by other teams, the racing technical department is not allowed to provide other technologies for this engine to other teams in hopes of maintaining the competitive advantage of the Mercedes-Benz team. Because of this decision, Aufrecht and Melcher resolutely left Mercedes-Benz to establish AMG.


amg5.jpgIn the 1970s, AMG had achieved a lot of success. Many Mercedes-Benz cars and high-performance street cars were built, but it was not until 1988 that AMG became an important force in producing high-performance automobiles. That year, AMG and Mercedes-Benz established a strategic partnership, and Mercedes-Benz also began to return to the German Auto Tour and other events. The first car developed by the two companies was the C36 AMG produced in 1993. Now Mercedes-Benz is committed to producing its AMG model on each Mercedes-Benz.

Emphasizing the tradition of high performance, especially the application of high-horsepower engines and the unique concept of M and AMG - the limited supply, these will make fans around the world drunk, but also created a company like M and AMG Enduring glory.

Earlier, AMG was mainly based on the Mercedes-Benz 300 SE to build some cars to participate in the European Touring Tournament. However, in order to win, the company also had a long wait, the breakthrough in the first game in 1971. A Mercedes-Benz 300 SEL 6.8 modified by AMG won the championship in the 24-hour race of the famous Belgian Spa, and got the second overall ranking. The driver was Hans Heyer and his teammate Clemes Schickendanz. It was later confirmed that the success of 1971 was a turning point for AMG's enviable achievements on the track.

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