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Brembo is an Italian company engaged in the engineering design, development and manufacture of high-performance brake systems and components.

In 1975, Ferrari started using Brembo braking system in its Fl racing cars, and from then on some of other giant sports car brands - Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Maserati and Porsche -- all started to equip their sports cars with Brembo brakes, as well as the Cadillac XTS and the Nissan-GTR.

Brembo is committed to improving the system's performance, so it has invested heavily in research and development. As one of the most important technology parks in Italy, the Red Wall was recognized by CENSIS (2009 report) as one of the top 10 outstanding innovation projects in Italy.The Brembo headquarters center is among them. The center has more than 390 engineers working in the R&D field, constantly looking for more innovative solutions. Brembo is respected as a R&D and innovation strength in the industry, and it is also respected in the field of brake manufacturing. The company strictly controls every step of the production process, from initial design to casting and assembly, while the laboratory also adopts test simulation road experiments to ensure product performance. 

The braking system produced by Brembo has a great feature, that is, a relatively gradual braking response, unlike the characteristics of other brands, the suspension requirements are too tough, even if some models with a slightly modified shock suspension system will not appear too much nodding during braking. Up to now, Brembo is still shining in the high-end brake brands with an unshakable position, and continues to gain popularity.



Established nearly 50 years ago, AP Braking systems is one of the most famous modified brake manufacturers around the world. Competitive racing is a good method to test standard and inspection for braking systems. AP braking products have been working closely with well-known motor sports competitions for many years in order to create more high-performance products and improve braking and friction drive technology to a better level. These efforts are the main factors that have kept AP Racing standing in the modified braking field.

AP Racing's products include brake calipers, brake discs, brake kits, brake pads, brake oils, and clutch kits designed for Racing high coefficient of friction clutches.

As a global front-line brake system supplier, AP Racing not only produces its own brand brake system products, but also produces multi-piston calipers, discs and even vehicle brake kits for lotus, McLaren, Bugatti and other manufacturers. With stable and excellent product performance, AP braking brand from the UK has become synonymous with high performance braking systems.

It is because of the AP racing increasing participation in the brake of the world's auto makers development manufacturing, at the same time to provide technical and product support in the athletics track around the world, then the AP can be competitive in the actual vehicle in the lack of good experience to improve the product, makes the AP racing brake products compatible with almost all brands of automobile brake modification.



Endless, as a Luxury modified brake brand in Japan, is a brake parts supplier starting from the manufacture of brake pads, it gradually spreads in Asia with the concept of product quality first. Its products continue to be known by people and are increasingly favored by players in the modification world. In the past 30 years, Endless products include brake calipers, brake discs, brake pads, brake steel hoses, brake oil and brake accessories.

In order to maximize performance and vehicle potential, Endless Group has many projects. The main projects are divided into Endless Project Team and Endless Marketing. Endless plays an important role as a brake pad developer and manufacturer.

Endless's progress focuses on sales and Endless's enthusiasm and product marketing. Take the experience gained from racing and then formulate and feedback it to the streets to release its products. Endless Group has worldwide network channels and uses the motto: Win the race.

In January 1987, the highest-ranked formula events included formula F3000. Its first race in the country runs at Suzuka. At the same time, the Endless's blue brake pads made their debut. Most exciting of all, by the end of the season, ENDLESS's blue high-performance brake pads had captured 70% of the market share of the F3000! Since then, through unremitting research and development and improvement, ENDLESS's products have been readily adopted by many competition teams and competitors. It has become recognized worldwide standards in performance, design and safety, including FiA (Formula One), WRC (World Championship Rally), Paris Dakar, USA 24 Hour Endurance Race, Ferrari Track Challenge, Super GT, Super Taikyu. The growth and results of ENDLESS's continuous efforts in these areas are encouraging.

Endless also focuses on the entire system, including calipers, discs, brake lines, brake oil and other accessories.



Alcon is a British company specialising in brake systems and clutches, founded in 1984 by John Moore. Based in central England STAFFORDSHIRE. With Alcon engineers' efforts in product development over the years and excellent product performance, the brake system and clutch products produced by Alcon have been recognized and selected by the world's top teams over the past 20 years. In addition to the arena, Alcon products have been selected as OEM products by many of the world's top automotive manufacturers.

Advantages of Alcon products

1.Brake calipers use aluminum alloy as casting integral piston caliper structure, which can be used to enhance rigidity and reduce weight; The product line is preset with four or six pistons to reduce the hardness of brake pedal; Size of other piston cavity diameters (to ensure even contact with brake skin progressive brakes).

2.Under the design of high strength and light weight, the brake disc can resist high temperature, heat resistance and stable operation, keeping up with the alloy transfer bridge of aviation standard. Alcon's unique half-moon groove on disc friction provides grip and a perforated brake disc for increased durability; The directional curved cooling blade can improve the cooling effect. The Alcon suspension brake disc system allows thermal energy to diffuse, effectively reducing the tendency to shake.

3.The brake pads have excellent working performance and temperature range and excellent braking performance under extremely high temperature. AUDI, BMW, FORD, PEUGEOT, RENALT, VOLKSWAGEN, BENTLEY, BRABUS, JAGUAR, LAND ROVER cars and the sports division are also loyal customers of Alcon. FORMULA RENALT, which has attracted much attention in China, also uses Alcon brakes. Alcon products are widely used in Oceania and Asia venues. Alcon has been selected by the Australian V8 SUPERCAR SERIES as the designated brake system supplier. In addition, alcon products are widely recognized in Japan, which is known as the Asian automobile kingdom. 



Sparta Evolution is a new brand based in Seattle, USA, with a team that develops and designs racing parts, it made its name by actively investing in professional racing and winning the E1 division at the NASA 25-hour Thunderhill Endurance Race in 2015.

Sparta Evolution is the world's leading machine tool manufacturer, using MAZAK CNC machine tools from Japan. With advanced technology, we provide comprehensive solutions including five-axis machining, milling, turning, CNC system and automation. At SPARTA's factory, the most advanced Japanese Mazak 5-axis CNC milling machines are used. It is able to create each caliper with the highest accuracy, ensuring that each one is perfect and meets stringent performance requirements.

The Development team of Sparta Evolution, through the continuous testing and improvement of the new high-performance brake system Triton(front 6 rear 4) and Saturn (front 6/4 rear 4), it has unique advantages of lightness in forging and improves the shortcomings of the current commercially available brake system, such as heat dissipation design of piston and anodic coloring technology to increase heat dissipation effect.

Unlike traditional casting techniques, Sparta Evolution's brake calipers offer superior metal endurance and heat dissipation thanks to tightly controlled forging techniques. In comparison, forged metal products require less raw material and are more durable. Sparta Evolution, with its new technology, not only forges metal, but also uses ingenuity in traditional caliper design. At present, the design of brake calipers generally has the weakness of piston oil seal blockage and dust leakage. In view of this, we have improved the hidden oil seal completely removed the relevant concerns. Its breakthrough on unique two-piece disc, is different from the past S-groove. Disk size covers 280mm - 405mm. In addition, high-performance carbon ceramic disk is also one of the optional items.



Japan BELFE-Design electronic handbrake system and China Chezvi officially reached a brand strategic cooperation. Chezvi officially become the general agent of BELFE electronic handbrake calipers in Asia, responsible for the sales, publicity and after-sales service of BELFE brand in Asia. At present, the BELFE brand mainly provides the rear wheel electronic hand brake system, which can match the upgrade of most vehicles in the world originally made with electronic hand brake. Originally quality imported fron Japan, with the original position conversion harness, is the most perfect non-destructive vehicle safety electronic handbrake modification program on the market.

Japanese BELFE brand EPB independent parking brake caliper, the perfect solution to upgrade the rear wheel double caliper, bid farewell to the traditional processing of the original car sub pump method of simple and convenient installation, further improve the safety performance and aesthetic degree.

Main features:

1.Japanese imported quality, caliper shape borrowed from the transformer bumblebee face design concept

2.Calipers are beautifully compact in size and can be fitted with smaller hub mounts

3.Double brake design, integrated bridge code design, higher stability and safety, caliper one-year warranty

4.Easy to install, do not need to process the original caliper of the pump iron support, will not delay the use of customer vehicles, and does not damage the original vehicle accessories, it will not affect the reduction of the original brake in the future.



HEL Performance is one of the leading suppliers of brake and cooling systems in the UK. The business is now worldwide and has expanded to more than 68 countries. HEL's business is expanding globally due to its high-quality raw materials and stringent inspection standards.

HEL was formed from the merger of two companies, formerly known as Hose-EQUIP.Hose-equip was founded in 1985 and developed rapidly and quickly gained a reputation in this field due to its excellent quality and service in the Marine and hydraulic markets. In 2000, the company transfered the market and acquired the largest fluid performance equipment company in the market at that time. With the birth of Hose Equip Limited-HEL performance brand, the now world famous Demon Tail logo came into being.

Genuine HEL steel hose carries the German DEKRA safety identification label. DEKRA, founded in 1925 and headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, is an authoritative vehicle safety certification and testing organization recognized by the German government, a member of the European Union. The group has a total of 180 branches in 50 countries and regions around the world. The agency is also a recognized vehicle safety inspection agency in the Member states of the European Union. Therefore, consumers are invited to recognize the genuine HEL oil pipeline with the DEKRA safety certification mark.



PFC (Performance Friction Corporation), founded in 1953 in the United States, is now located in South Carolina, engaged in the development, design and manufacture of high-performance brake calipers, brake discs, brake pads and other brake systems.

PFC has a world-class manufacturing technique. With 200,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in the United States and more than 400 R&D and production personnel, the facility provides OEM services to domestic and international automotive aftermarket and premium automotive manufacturers. With branches in the United States, Europe, Colombia, The United Kingdom, Japan and other countries, PFC is able to keep in touch with customers around the world.

PFC UK is the European sales, distribution and technical support centre, assists a regional distributor network throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa with over 7,000 square feet of plants and over 2,000 product lines.



CZV brand is committed to creating quality first, quality first Chinese auto parts brand. Create new Chinese products, to provide high quality, safe and reliable high-end modification accessories for the customers.

The new CZV brake disc has the following features:

1.New production process standard: European GG20 cast iron standard -- CZV optimized additive formula, (cast iron raw materials and formula are export grade) AIMCO drawings. Cast iron standard is higher than American G3000. Much higher than domestic HT250 and Japanese FC250 grey cast iron standards, the ratio of carbon, manganese, silicon, sulfur and phosphorus in molten steel is close to perfect and the yield is high, the performance of brake disc is slightly better than porsche imported brake disc.

2.Performance: effectively improve brake performance by more than 20%, optimize brake pad friction flatness. The effect is particularly obvious in Japanese cars. In German high-end cars, the experience performance is improved by about 10%.

3.Advantages: high quality brake vibration suppression, increase friction coefficient, improve cooling effect, while seamless docking CZV forged head bridge code screws, perfect match.

4.Personalized customization: provide personalized customized brake disc design, increase performance, to meet the requirements of owners of different models of data.



Hawk is an American brand specializing in the manufacture of high performance brake pads and discs. It is owned and responsible for the design and development of the products for the Wilman Group. For nearly a century, Wilman Products Has designed and manufactured universal brake, clutch, transmission and driveline components for high-coefficient friction products. As long as there is an application to speed up the need to slow down, you will find the American Wilman Group products exist.

Since 1990, the American HAWK related brake products have been widely used in major international competitions and special performance, applied to TrackRacing, DragRacing, Rally and AutoRacing, etc.

HAWK brake pads offer excellent handling and OE reliability, both of which can be paired with Neuspeed's perforated or underlined discs and OE discs in top secret.



Ferodo was founded by an innovative founder, Herbert Frood -- the first to identify the friction materials required for brakes. In 1904 Frood added the 'E' to his surname, which became the product name "Ferodo".

Ferodo's first victories in both motor and motor racing came in 1912, and Ferodo has been at the forefront of motor racing for eighty years, in a unique position to be constantly challenged. Since 1924, every major class winner has used Ferodo products. Nowadays, Ferodo brake pads are used in almost all the leading motoring events: WRC, FIA F3, FIA F4, V8 Supercars, etc.

Ferodo brake pads are manufactured to the highest ISO quality standards in the world at the Fahimen factory in Italy. Each brake pad goes through 26 independent quality control procedures to ensure consistency between each batch. The backplane of all brake pads is made of high-strength steel, which significantly improves the speed and uniformity of pressure transfer from the brake system to the brake pads.

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