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British AP Racing

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AP Racing has been established for nearly 50 years. AP braking system is one of the most well-known manufacturers of modified brake products. Competitive competition is the best test standard and test method for brake systems. AP brake products have been working closely with well-known auto sports competition for many years. These are all designed to create more high-performance friction products for vehicle braking. Friction-driven technology has been upgraded to a better level. These efforts have been the main factors that have allowed AP Racing to stand in the field of modified brakes.

     AP Racing's portfolio includes brake calipers, brake discs, kit brake kits, brake pads, brake fluid, and clutch kits designed specifically for racing high-friction clutches.


In 966, AP Racing introduced the first commercial disc brake system for racing, and the Tom Kirby Rickman Metisse team used it with great results.

 In 1973, the AP Racing disc brake system was adopted by MV Augusta and won the 500CC World Championship. This is the first time that disc brakes have been used to win the World Championship.

In 1983, AP Racing developed a brake system mounted on the edge of the wheel, which was only recently copied by several manufacturers.

 In 1985, AP Racing introduced a patented variable-rate master cylinder brake system, which later became the standard in the industry.


In 1988, AP Racing teamed up with Kenny Robert Lucky Yamaha Team to develop the first carbon brake system and used it at the British International Automobile Grand Prix to help Wayne Rainey win the championship. After this success, the carbon brake system became The standard of the International Automobile Grand Prix.

 In 1993, AP Racing used advanced MMC raw materials to produce a 6-piston foot curler. After the introduction of Kevin Schwantz, he won the 500cc Suzuki Motorcycle World Championship.

 In 1995, AP Racing developed a lightweight iron braking system for the US team Muzzy Chuanqi and won the AMA Superbike Championship.

In 1999, AP Racing's latest version of the superbike brake system was adopted by Troy Bayliss and GSE INS Ducati and won the British Superbike Championship.

 In 2001, AP Racing continued to bring technological innovations to produce a two-hole master cylinder. The AP race radial braking system has already dominated the Spanish Superbike Championship and won in 2003, 2005 and 2006.

  AP Racing is the first-tier supplier of brake systems in the world. In addition to producing its own brand of brake system products, AP also helped OEMs such as Lotus, McLaren, and Bugatti to produce multi-piston calipers, discs, and even entire vehicle brake assemblies. . AP's stable and excellent product performance has made this brake brand from the United Kingdom synonymous with high-performance braking systems.

It is precisely because AP racing continues to participate in the brake R&D and manufacturing of various automobile manufacturers around the world, and also provides technical and product support in competitive race tracks around the world. As a result, AP can gain good experience in actual vehicle sports to improve the lack of products. Makes AP Racing brake products compatible with almost all brands of car brake modifications, that meet the size requirements of the hub can be based on matching models corresponding AP brake products.

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