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Chezvi is located in Shenzhen. Since its establishment in 2008, Chezvi has been engaged in the operation of well-known brake brands around the world. With the continuous improvement of technical strength, high-quality product support and continuous improvement of after-sales service, Chezvi continues to grow and form a perfect global sales network, and has become the industry leader in the field of service support and business expansion.


Japan ENDLESS, Italy Brembo, England AP Racing, England ALCON, US STOPTECH and other brake accessories. England HEL and GOODRIDGE, England MINTEX, England EBC, US HAWK and other high-performance brake pads. We are authorized agent of AP Racing, Brembo and STOPTECH.

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INSPEED (Inspeed Technology) is the holding company of Chezvi, and it is also an important brand strategic deployment of Chezvi in recent years. Adhering to the business philosophy of "market-oriented, quality as the core, and win-win as the purpose", it is committed to providing consumers with more professional, safer and more matching brake systems and upgrade services.

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Our core competitiveness
Our core competitiveness
Agent brand
Agent brand

Brembo Advanced Brake System is an Italian manufacturer engaged in the engineering……

AP Racing has been established for nearly 50 years, and AP Brake Systems is one of the most well-known manufacturers of modified brake products today……

ENDLESS, as a Japanese luxury refitted brake brand, is a brake and brake accessories supplier that started with brake pad manufacturing……

PFC (Performance Friction Corporation) was founded in the United States, started in 1953, and is now located in South Carolina, engaged in the research and development of high-performance brake calipers, brake discs, brake pads and other braking systems……

Ferodo is the result of an innovative founder, Herbert Frood - the first to identify the friction material needed for brakes. In 1904, Frood added 'E' to his surname and evolved into the product's name "Ferodo"……

American Hawk is mainly engaged in the production of high-performance brake pads and discs, and is owned by the American Wellman Group and is responsible for product-related design and development……

Japan's BELFE - Design electronic handbrake system and China Chezvi have officially reached a brand strategic cooperation, and Chezvi has officially become the general agent of BELFE electronic handbrake calipers in Asia, responsible for the sales of the BELFE brand in Asia……

The CZV brand is committed to creating a quality first, quality first domestic auto parts brand. Create new domestic products and provide Chinese people with high-quality, safe and reliable high-end modified accessories……

Sparta Evolution is an emerging brand with a R&D and design team for racing parts located in Seattle, USA. It is actively involved in the field of professional racing and participated in the 2015 NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill Endurance Race……

PFCalcon is a British company specializing in the production of brake systems and clutches, founded in 1984 by John Moore. Headquartered in STAFFORDSHIRE, a city in central England……

HEL Performance is a very famous supplier of accessories for brake oil circuit, cooling oil circuit and other systems in the UK. The business is currently all over the world, and the existing business has expanded to more than 68 countries……


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