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Germany RS

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Before introducing the Audi RS, let us first look at the RS logo, "RS" is actually the abbreviation of the German "RennSport", literal translation for English is "racing sport". The "RS" series is the highest performance product in the Audi family. It can be said that it is the display platform for Audi's top technology and is usually produced in a limited quantity. The RS's logo is very concise and simple, using only the RS letters plus a red base for performance, the overall feel is very low-key.

To introduce RS, it is necessary to mention Audi's racing department quattro Co., Ltd., because Audi RS was developed and built by quattro Co., Ltd., which was established in 1983 and was initially responsible for the development of high-performance private customization and accessories. The company’s name is to pay tribute to the rally car that was built on the basis of the Audi Quattro model at that time, and to distinguish it from the car model, the initial letter was changed to the lower case “q”.

       Quattro Co., Ltd. is located in Neckarsulm near Neckarsulm, Stuttgart, Germany. Although the company has its own trademark "quattro GmbH", it does not have the right to produce and sell cars directly under this brand name. It must be under Audi's name. The flag, but it can be sold through the franchise dealers "quattro GmbH" brand sells some exclusive design of life supplies and accessories. The Audi quattro company's main business is to create high-performance models and accessories for Audi, as well as customized models for customers. At present, Audi quattro produces products mainly including Audi S line kits, Audi S series and Audi RS series, of course, Audi's highest The performance of the R8 is also done by Audi Quattro.

      Also as the Audi quattro's three major businesses, it may be difficult for many people to distinguish the Audi S line, the Audi S and the Audi RS, especially the Audi S line and the Audi S series. Here we have two more words for you. First of all, the "S line" series is the weakest one of the three series. It is based on the common Audi models with the addition of some designs made by quattro. The sports kit, while the power level and braking system is the same as the main flow production model, the only thing worth mentioning is that the suspension system will be adjusted harder. So do not confuse it with the "S" series or even the "RS" series.

        The Audi "S" series is an upgraded sport version of Audi's main traffic production model. It comes standard with Audi's full-time four-wheel drive system and only one high-performance engine (without multiple displacements), and "S" The series greatly enhances sports performance by replacing more powerful brake discs with more rigid suspension systems. At the same time, these vehicles are still co-produced with ordinary Audi models.

The "RS" series is equivalent to the ultimate performance version of the corresponding regular Audi models. Its performance is much higher than that of the "S" series, and the "RS" series is fully designed, developed and manufactured by Audi's wholly-owned subsidiary, quattro Co., Ltd., and is not co-produced with Audi's common models.

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