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Car quality hand in hand with many brake brands debut Suzhou GT SHOW

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Car quality hand in hand with many brake brands debut Suzhou GT SHOW

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On March 30th, 2018, the three-day Suzhou GT Show international refitting fashion show was grandly opened at the Suzhou International Expo Center. The car quality meeting also joined hands with many brake brands to debut this exhibition.


At this year's GT Show site, we brought to everyone the Sparta Evolution, Fella Racing, Acre Brake, AP Racing, Brembo, HEL, CZV and other major brake brands to participate in this exhibition.



1.Fella Racing


FELLA Brake is the latest brake modification brand produced by Korea Korea Co., Ltd. after years of experience in brake caliper manufacturing. FELLA is a unique brand of New Korea Co., Ltd. that is manufactured, manufactured and sold in Korea. . As the agency brand for the latest signing of the car quality meeting, this exhibition brought everyone the MONO series 6-piston, 4-piston brake caliper and original vehicle replacement disc.

There are many advantages to this brake:

1, caliper slim design, basically do not need to replace the modified hub, 95% of the original models on the market can match the installation of the hub, covering a wide range.

2, the cheapest imported brakes, the most cost-effective.

3, worry about high efficiency, and guaranteed after-sale agents (clamp warranty for two years, unlimited kilometers).

4, The product has obvious effect, and the design of the braking force bursts ahead, which makes the fastest response time for emergency braking.


At the same time, on March 30, we held the 2018 Fella Racing brand new product launch event to make more audiences feel the charm of the braking system. It is believed that in the future, Fella’s brakes will be more people-friendly choices.

2.Sparta Evolution


The SPARTA brand has already been exposed at all major exhibitions. In this exhibition, SPARTA not only demonstrated the brake upgrade kits for various performance cars, but also brought the latest lightweight sports products - R series. . Competitive R version calipers are products derived from the needs of competitive racing. The overall meticulous design makes it more than 15% more than the average competitive calipers; it is one of the lightest and hardest calipers in the entire brake system market. The perfect design concept provides racing enthusiasts with the best braking performance experience.

3.AP Racing

     此次展会AP Racing展位展出的更多的是竞技系列卡钳,其中包括AP9440/9660/9665和二代Radi-CAL的95系列。以及AP6768/6750/6169等赛道竞技系列。


This time brembo brings us not only our common brembo GT series, such as brembo GT6, M8, M4 and other calipers. Brembo also brought the latest brembo GT-S series. The new M6 six-piston and M4 four-piston brake calipers have captured the advantages of each product in the series, such as the same one-piece cast aluminum alloy caliper body as the GT series. The GT-R series has no dust-proof cover design and has piston response. Faster advantages, along with the racing style “brembo”, and the use of the Racing series dedicated pistons, radiators, and hard anodizing, can withstand the high temperatures of the brake system and extend the life of the caliper.

5.ACRE Brake

The brake pads provided by ACRE, whether on the street or on the track, are overwhelmingly superior to the brake pads of the same type due to its strong braking performance. Due to its strict manufacturing process, the brake pads have low dust. Noise characteristics, and can deal with a variety of complex road conditions, stable braking performance, brake pedal can be sensitive to the moment, which makes it a cost-effective and high-performance brake pads.

6.CZV Brake

CZV Brake mainly focuses on the rear wheels of each car series, including the Volkswagen MQB platform, ten generations Civic, the new BMW 5 Series, 7 Series, Mercedes-Benz new C Series, E Series and other cars in the rear wheel to increase the disc . More cars are still under development.1456798731145748.jpg

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