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Brake Refit | SPARTA T6PA-R Lightweight Forging Set Domestic First

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Brake Refit | SPARTA T6PA-R Lightweight Forging Set Domestic First

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After SPARTA launched the lightweight package of the T6PA-R, it received the attention of a large number of performance riders. Many friends asked us about the performance of the package. Today Xiao Bian gave you an introduction to the domestic first installation of the T6PA-R. The choice of upgrading the Sparta lightweight suit this time is a golf 7R owner.


For the 7R this car, even if Xiaobianjun does not do much introduction, I believe you will quickly emerge in the mind of its relevant information - 2.0T's EA888 engine, 280 horsepower, 380N The maximum torque of m, less than 5s 0-100km/h acceleration, will not let you despise it. Not only does it have excellent data, it is also a model with a wide range of modifications.

[Modification list]

Upgrade Brand: Sparta Evolution T6PA-R

SPARTA T6PA-R Sports Suit

Front wheel upgrade parameters: SPARTA T6PA-R Lightweight Forged Caliper

Brake disc: SPARTA R18 355mm Heliospheric brake disc

SPARTA original bridge code

SPARTA brake pads

GOODRIDGE brake steel hose



Competitive R version calipers are products derived from the needs of competitive racing. The overall meticulous design makes it more than 15% more than the average competitive calipers; it is one of the lightest and hardest calipers in the entire brake system market. The perfect design concept provides racing enthusiasts with the best braking performance experience.


The R18 brake disc design is designed to give it a high degree of bite force and an aggressive level of friction. The overall groove pattern of the R18 is by adjusting the main groove and staggering the small grooves up and down; this design can maximize their performance.


Arranged up and down, small slots with alternating directions and main slots after adjustment bring a clear friction curve, which can provide 80% of the leading friction advantage, resulting in a high initial bite force. The slope design of the end of the tank prevents dust from accumulating in the grooves, maintains the performance potential of the brake disc, and provides a smooth release feature. Compared to the original Sparta Helios S brake discs, the R18 brake discs are more sensitive to modulation and pedal response.


Here we take a look at the conversion process this time (the most detailed brake modification step chart!)




Remove the tubing from the original car. And place a clip on the tubing, which minimizes brake oil loss.


Use a cap to remove the horns and calipers.


Remove the brake disc from the original car. If the disc is stuck, you can use a rubber hammer to gently tap the brake disc.


Remove the brake plate.


After removing the brake system of the original car, clean the shaft head.

Install a fixed SPARTA bridge code.


Install the brake disc, pay attention to the left and right sides of the dish, and the outer ends of the flutes point in the direction of the wheel rotation.

Install the brake disc, pay attention to the left and right sides of the dish, and the outer ends of the flutes point in the direction of the wheel rotation.

Install the brake caliper and fix it with a cap socket and a torque wrench. The SPARTA logo on the caliper faces outward of the vehicle and the exhaust valve is upward.

Connect the end of the tubing butt bolt to the caliper, as shown on the left. Pay attention to the final winding position of the tubing.

Connect the other end of the tubing to the vehicle. After the installation is complete, replace the wheels and turn the wheels left and right to confirm the clearance of the tubing. If the tubing is improperly installed, interference problems occur, and the tubing and caliper connections are adjusted to solve the problem.

To improve the brake fluid of the master cylinder, open the exhaust valve on the caliper and perform emptying according to the steps.

The ratio of sprung and unsprung mass has a major influence on the stability and handling of a car. This is a summary of automotive engineering over the decades of actual combat experience. The rumors of the workshop: Spring kilograms, spring ten kilograms. We do not go into the details of how the rumors are calculated, but the effect and impact are indeed the same. This time, let SPARTA lightweight brakes bring better performance and control feeling!


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