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Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG upgrade SPARTA new lightweight competitive R series brake kit

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Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG upgrade SPARTA new lightweight competitive R series brake kit

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When summer arrives, everyone is ready to make a change. The car's change, the 04's 04, after all, the weather brought about by the hot always needs to be released. Speaking of changing the car to run the game, we must mention the performance of the player's eyes, "the strongest surface gun" - Mercedes-Benz A45, today we do not chat A45, talk about its brother CLA45.


Although CLA45 AMG is a brother-in-law with the A45 AMG, it looks more like the smaller CLS63 AMG. This similarity is definitely the designer's intention. You must admit that on the CLS, a large, four-door coupé, the smooth and sleek body lines and sharp waistlines are repeated on the C117, which is significantly smaller than the W218. If it is handled badly, it is likely that It will evolve into a disaster. However, Mark Fetherston, a young designer who has rich experience in Mercedes-Benz model design, does not seem to be a problem. He cleverly infused the CLS63 AMG with classic genes of elegance, movement and strength into the CLA45 AMG. .

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Like Lucifer, the messenger of fallen light, with the handsome face of angels, it is as powerful as a devil. The CLA45 is equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder turbocharged engine that is currently the most powerful engine in the world. It provides the most powerful power data for the CLA45 AMG: maximum power of 280 kW (381 hp) and peak torque of 475 N·m. Under the training of AMG, by improving the engine control system and adding a new type of exhaust camshaft, it has increased 21 horsepower, 25N·m compared to the previous generation, and now its acceleration of 0-100km/h only requires 4.2s. Who else can do it in the gun?

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With AMG's outstanding pedigree, it is doomed to become a legend, excellent original performance, so that CLA45 AMG has a huge potential for conversion. This time our car owner was a perfectionist. He was not satisfied with the brake system of the original CLA45 AMG and gave him the idea of upgrading the brake system. When he saw SPARTA R, he fell in love at first sight!

[Modification list]

SPARTA Athletics R Forged brake calipers

SPARTA R18 brake disc

SPARTA Bridge, brake pads

GOODRIDGE brake steel hose

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640.webp (6).jpg

640.webp (7).jpg

       For players who respect performance, SPARTA Lightweight Racing R Series can provide a lighter, more powerful brake kit, so that the performance of the performance of the car to the extreme.


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