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New Arrival | The Best Heat Treatment Technology From Japan! BELFE High Carbon Racing Discs Were Launched Officially!

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New Arrival | The Best Heat Treatment Technology From Japan! BELFE High Carbon Racing Discs Were Launched Officially!

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The brand of Belfe from Japan is well known to us because of the electronic handbrake calipers produced by Belfe company. At present, most of the new models are equipped with electronic parking system, such as Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Toyota, etc. Because of the integrated design structure of the parking calipers and the service brake calipers, the later upgrading becomes more difficult.


Through the independent EPB parking brake calipers developed by Japan Belfe, the problem of upgrading the brake kit for the rear wheels of EPB models is solved. With the Belfe EPB calipers, larger brake discs and more types of calipers can be freely selected to further optimize the brake system.


With the success of Belfe electronic brake calipers, Belfe also accelerated the research and development of other high-performance brake accessories, including competitive brake discs. After years of R & D and track experience testing, we will officially launch Belfe high carbon competitive disc today. Japan's most pure high-performance competitive brake disc to bring the domestic car.


One of the functions of the brake disc is to give full play to the friction performance of the brake skin. The addition of the basic scribe line makes the feature of the brake disc strengthened. In addition, the pattern on the surface of the disc is also of great help to the heat dissipation and dust removal of the brake disc.


At present, the surface patterns of the disc are arc, perforation and E-line pattern. Three kinds of separate discs with different marking forms are also determined as the competition level. The materials are mixed with special carbon components. The main effect is to further eliminate the generation of cracks and stabilize the friction coefficient, making the brake disc more difficult to deform and produce jitter.

The purpose of the split design is to make the brake disc use a lighter high-strength aluminum alloy joint, which is also considered to reduce the weight under the spring. In addition, the center plate and disc surface of some models are floating connection, which leaves space for the thermal expansion of the brake disc and avoids large deformation under high temperature.


It should also be said that the design of the lower ventilation slot, different sizes of the brake disc design have different numbers of ventilation slots, this corresponding relationship is obtained through the huge test data on the field, which can ensure the most effective heat dissipation efficiency, but also not as fast as the temperature loss, resulting in the brake skin unable to play the best efficiency.

The new blefe high-performance brake disc is also equipped with a hot coating layer, so you can easily grasp the temperature change of the brake disc. After holding each set temperature for a certain time, the red and green hot coatings have the property of turning white, and each set color will be different under different temperatures.


The thermal coating is divided into green and red. When the red is at about 670 ° C and the green is at about 510 ° C, their color will gradually change to white. Even if the temperature is slightly lower than the set temperature, it will gradually change with the increase of the duration, and if it significantly exceeds the set temperature, it will change color even in a short time.

At present, the arrival models of Belfe brake discs can correspond to the replacement discs of AP Racing, Brembo, Alcon, Endress and other brake brands, which can provide split discs for these brands of brake suits, and can be used directly after being locked with the existing joint.

✔ If you are fed up with the fragility and deformation of other imported brake discs, please pay attention to the heat resistance of Belfe from Japan;


✔ If you just had enough about the high price of other imported brake discs, please pay attention to the cost-effectiveness of Belfe from Japan;


✔ If you are frustrated with the limitations of other imported brake disc models, please pay attention to the personalization of Belfe from Japan.


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