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Chezvi formally become Japan brake brand BELFE’s general agent in Asia

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Chezvi formally become Japan brake brand BELFE’s general agent in Asia

Release date:2018-07-12 00:00 Source: Click:

    Japan BELFE -DESIGN electronic brake system and Chezvi China have formally reached a brand strategic cooperation with each other, Chezvi now formally become exclusive distributor for BELFE’s electronic brake caliper in Asia, and will be in charge of sales, publicity and after-sales service of the brand BELFE in Asia. At present BELFE mainly supplies rear wheel electronic brake system, it can fit most cars in the world as updating which is also equipped with original electronic brakes, Japan original import quality, with original location connection cable. It is presently the most excellent car electronic brake modification solution that is safe and does no harm to cars. 


  Main product features:

1) Japan original import quality, caliper appearance is designed based on Transformers Bumblebee’ face;


2) Caliper is small sized, looks exquisite, can install with smaller car hub;


3)Double brake design, mono-block bracket design, more stable and safer, we offer 1 year warranty for calipers;


4) Easy to install type, won’t delay customers time of using their cars, and will not damage original car parts, so it won’t influence it if car owners want to return to the original brakes.

Installation case of Toyota Alpha rear wheel updating Japan BELFE -DESIGN electronic brake system.

     From now on, China users can have access to buy Japan BELFE EPB separate parking brake calipers, rear wheel double calipers updating, a perfect solution, say farewell to the traditional processing of the original car pump practice, easy and convenient to install, a step further to improve safety performance and beauty degree. Suitable for most cars with electronic brakes rear wheel updating, calipers in stock, welcome to inquire and purchase.


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