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Fella Brake designs and manufactures brake calipers and disc brakes for vehicles. We are a passionate company with excellent R&D and manufacturing factory headquarters in Daegu, South Korea. Through the reflection of domestic and foreign sponsoring teams, we collect the most competitive actual product development data. We have also been committed to providing the industry with the best products.

On January 1, 2018, the Korean Fella Racing Brake reached a strategic strategic cooperation with the Chinese car dealership. The car dealership became the exclusive distributor of the Fella Racing brake brand in China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), responsible for the sales of Fella Racing brand products in China. , promotion and after-sales service. At present, the Fella Racing brake system provides the Korean mainstream models and domestic mainstream models of brake systems, FELLA brakes mainly MONO series 6 pistons and 4 pistons, the most widely used 4 pistons.

At present, the main product of the Fella Racing brand is the brake system, in which the MONO integrated four-piston caliper is widely used in Korea.

Fella Racing has gained popularity in South Korea with its affordable price and excellent quality advantages. It has also been highly respected in Japan. In January 2017, FELLA Brake participated in the Tokyo Refit Exhibition to further enhance its influence in the international brake market. force.

FELLA brake brand as Korea's domestic brake brand, rooted Korean popular Korean brake market, the reason is that the FELLA brand team actively participate in the local competitive events, in the event continue to optimize their own brake products, and then to meet the market's growing Braking demand has made FELLA brakes the leader in the Korean performance brake market.

Mr. Jin Haixiang, General Manager of Fella Racing Brand, and Mr. Che

A good product will naturally be favored by the market. With immediate effect, domestic refit players can purchase the original FELLA brakes in the car quality exchange. In particular, Korean and domestic high-end models can be upgraded with FELLA brakes.