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Established in March 1999, Stoptech is dedicated to the forging of brake technology. Its engineering department and production facility in Southern California, USA, has more than 75,000 square feet of space for manufacturing. Through 12 years of persistent innovation and independent research and development, with its advanced research and development concepts and exquisite manufacturing techniques, it has repeatedly won the title of "SPEED", "SPORT COMPACT CAR", "EUROPEAN CAR", "Car and Driver Magazine" "And become the designated brake supplier for events such as the SPEED World Challenge Touring Car Series, the Grand-Am Cup Series, and the North American Rally.
    Stoptech is the ultimate leader in becoming the leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance brake kit systems. Combining passion for high-performance cars and racing cars, engineers tried to subvert the current state of brake technology and set a new model for brake upgrade systems. Now, Stoptech is the world leader in the concept of “Balanced Brake Upgrade” for production vehicles, provides its own products for 277 platforms, and continues to obtain independent release rights for brake testing. To date, Stoptech has gained considerable advantages in the industry. Its advanced braking system provides the most competitive braking technology for various events in North America. Stoptech has always focused on the initial concept, and it upholds this concept. Stoptech will continue to innovate and improve technologies and products for civilian players, racing enthusiasts and professional racers.

Stoptech is the first automotive brake company for the refit market, providing "balanced" front brake system upgrades, compatible with the original rear brakes while at the same time greatly improving the overall braking performance design, which in the modified brake system upgrade market Has a significant leading technology level. Stoptech uses the world's most advanced CNC machine tools and manufacturing tools to produce high-performance brake calipers, brake pads, brake discs, stainless steel brake hoses, brake fluids and other products for the street events and the automotive market. The company's ST-60, The calipers of ST-40, ST-41, and ST-22 models are completely forged and the caliper bodies, joints, bridges, etc. are machined according to ISO standards.
    Independent R&D awareness and innovative ideas have enabled Stoptech to lead the world in the shortest time in more than 10 years, obtaining three patents for brake technology: The patented internal cooling air duct design provides the best cooling airflow for brake discs; Bridge-style patents, built-in bridge position technology can better reduce the impact of the modified brake assembly on the rim; many of Stoptech's products have obtained prestigious "T&V" certification in Europe, but also by many European major The distributor selected the only brake system product supplier.