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The American Sparta Evolution brake is a high-performance brake manufacturer active in North America. It currently owns two series of brakes, Triton and Saturn. With competitive caliper technology and track testing experience, Sparta's R&D team is constantly applying the latest technology to standard calipers and continues to expand in the world's top brake market.

The United States Sparta Evolution uses Japan's Yamazaki Mazak (MAZAK) CNC machine tools and is the world's leading machine tool manufacturer. With state-of-the-art technology, it offers comprehensive solutions including compound machining, 5-axis machining, milling, turning, CNC systems and automation.

Thanks to Sparta's event application technology, it also puts the latest technology into product components. Brake discs and corresponding components are manufactured in the United States. Each component has a Sparta certification mark to ensure the manufacturing process standards and data origin of each product.

Thanks to Sparta's world-class cutting-edge numerically-controlled manufacturing equipment, Sparta's unique S-pattern brake discs are guaranteed to operate in complex and extreme environments. From its central wheel cap to its wings, each part undergoes a rigorous quality test. Guaranteed to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you after hundreds of miles of track. Because of the different sizes of the front and rear wheels, the brake disc size range offers a variety of choices from 280mm to 410mm, ensuring the richness and consistency of the disc data.

At the same time, Sparta's manufacturing plant uses the most advanced Mazak 5-axis CNC milling machine. Because Sparta's manufacturing process requirements are strictly enforced, it can produce high-precision calipers, ensuring that each is a high-performance, near-perfect product.

The pursuit of excellence is the core concept of Sparta, and it is implemented at every step of the product, from design to production, and strives to be optimal. With unique production technology and rigorous production monitoring, Sparta brings high-quality brake kits to customers.