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Anyone familiar with BMW knows that BMW M is a professional organization within the BMW Group and its mission is to push BMW's high-performance cars to the top. The letter "M" on a BMW represents extraordinary sporting characteristics, exclusivity and superb craftsmanship. It is also a symbol of outstanding driving skills and personal style. The M segment can be compared to the Mercedes-Benz AMG, and the product it has created further extends this new performance concept: BMW's high-quality sports car, the M-Series.

Inside BMW, there is an M power department responsible for motor sports. In addition to this, there is another department called Performance. The 328M that people bought in China, such models with the M suffix, is actually on the basis of the ordinary, and the appearance of the M-tech kit is changed. As the name suggests, M-tech is just a transformation. The appearance, increased the elements of M. M-performance is an option that focuses on performance in addition to appearance.

M-performance mainly uses materials such as carbon fiber and pelt, which not only has a cool appearance, but also reduces the weight of the car and improves the performance of the vehicle. The main optional components include front and rear lips, wheels, exhaust, and interiors. Braking system, etc.

M-performance options can only be installed on the basis of M-tech. In other words, riders who purchased aggressive, fashionable, luxury and other models must install the M-tech Appearance Kit before they can install. M-performance kit, especially front lip, side skirt, back lip.