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    HEL Performance is a well-known British supplier of brake oil and cooling oil systems. The business is currently global, and the existing business has expanded to more than 68 countries. Due to the high quality raw materials and rigorous inspection standards adopted by HEL, its business is continuously spreading to the world.
    HEL's predecessor was a merger of two companies, previously known as Hose-Equip. Hose-Equip was founded in 1985 as an Aeroquip industrial authorized distributor. Due to its excellent quality and service methods in the marine and hydraulic markets, Hose-Equip has made rapid progress in this field and gained a reputation quickly. This development enabled them to quickly pass ISO9000 quality assurance company certification, and thus they became authorized contractors in this area of the Ministry of Defense. In 2000, the company transferred the market and acquired the largest fluid performance equipment company in the market at that time. With the Hose Equip Limited-HEL brand, Hose Equipment Co., Ltd. was born, and now the world-famous demon tail logo came into being.
    HEL brake steel hose (tubing) is a representative product and is also widely used in automotive conversion applications. People not only love their brand, but also deeper is the recognition of the characteristics of the product itself:
    1. Ensure smooth oil flow and strong braking. The excellent manufacturing process ensures that the oil flows smoothly in the oil circuit under pressure, and at the same time, it ensures that the oil pipe will not be violently deformed under pressure and the braking action will be slow, thus braking. Strong
    2. Eliminate the feeling of sponge pedal, long use of HEL tubing it will not cause expansion due to stretching deformation caused by pedal like step on sponge
    3. Provides clearer and more responsive braking. The stability of the material ensures the precision and sensitivity of the braking action.
    4. Reliable braking system, high-strength steel wire drawing and high-temperature forging make sure that it won't cause large material deformation under heat shrinkage environment
    5. The competition proves that as a common accessory for large-scale international athletic competitions, its excellent performance has been proved.