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    The United States Hawk is mainly engaged in the production of high-performance brake pads and discs. It is owned and responsible for product-related design and development by the U.S. Wellman Group. Nearly a century, the United States Wellman Products Group designed and manufactured high-friction products for universal brake, clutch, transmission and transmission components. As long as there is an application that accelerates the demand for deceleration, you will find the existence of the United States's Wellman Group's products.
    Since 1990, the United States Hawk-related brake products have also been widely used in major international events and have achieved remarkable results. The event is used in TrackRacing, DragRacing, Rally and AutoRacing.

    Hawk brake pads provide excellent maneuverability and reliability of the original OE, and they can all be used in close cooperation with neuspeed's punched discs or discs and original OE discs.

    Since 1990, Hawk Performance, a high-end performance brand owned by Carlyle Braking and Friction Materials, has been a supplier of high performance brake pads for high performance streetcars and professional racing cars. At the same time, Hawk Performance is a designated brake lining for SCCA, NASA, Richard Petty Driving Experience, Playboy MX-5 Cup, Skip Barber Racing School, and Ron Fellows Performance Driving School. Business. Hawk Performance has dominated the American racing brake field for more than 20 years and provides highly industrialized friction materials for almost all types of events. The product can be applied to almost all models.