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Ferodo is called -Ferodo Racing, a hundred-year brake skin manufacturer. This is from the art capital - Italy's brake skin brand Ferodo. The Italian imported Ferodo, which has a history of more than 110 years, has a preference for modification and upgrading of the formula, which is a huge space for improvement compared to the original performance.
       Since the first hand-crafted vehicle was invented a century ago, few people can think of them being able to witness that the automotive industry has grown into a sophisticated, technologically advanced, occupier of the country’s economic dominance and daily life for people around the world. Life has such an important influence on the industry. The reason why Ferodo was able to play an important role in the development of the entire industry was due to the founder who had dared to innovate, Herbert Frood, who was the first to identify the friction materials needed for the brakes.
       Frood has been providing woven cotton brake pads for carts and carriages until 1897 when he began experimenting with the development of early car brake pads. However, it was quickly discovered that the existing materials had been unable to withstand the heavier workload and therefore began to develop new formulations. This decision made Ferodo still affect the future of this industry today - the pursuit of better and more durable brake products. 
       In 1904, with the successful development of the London Universal Bus Company bus, a huge order came into being, followed by orders from other companies, which laid the foundation for Ferodo's brake products to reach the global automotive industry. It was also at this time that Frood evolved into the product name "Ferodo" by adding 'E' to its own last name. Since then, this catchy name quickly became synonymous with excellent braking performance.
       The consistency of reputation and performance was further enhanced when the former drivers realized the excellent performance of Ferodo in the long distance races and time trials. Ferodo achieved victory in the car and motorcycle races for the first time in 1912, but Ferodo really started to take off in the motorsports since 1920. It was an optimistic and positive era. The painful memories of the war began to fade and cars and motorcycles began mass production. Motor sports provide a variety of forms, from the land speed challenge to the 24-hour endurance race, from rally to lap races and so on. Ferodo is in a unique position that is constantly undergoing challenges, which also lays the groundwork for establishing a reputation for excellence.
       Ferodo has been at the forefront of automotive racing for over 80 years. Today, Ferodo brake pads have been used in almost all leading automotive events such as: WRC, GT, WTCC, FIA F3, FIA F4, V8 Supercars, etc.
       Ferodo's brake products have also dominated the motorcycle race for decades, winning many world-class grand prix and many great knights such as Duke, Agostini, Surtees, Sheene, Lawson, Dunlop, Fogarty. However, there is no description of the superiority of Ferodo's braking performance that is better than that of T.T.T.T. Since the beginning of 1924, every major level champion has used Ferodo products.

About FERODO: CAR RACING and DS Performance (hereinafter referred to as DSP) The brake pads produced by FERODO can be divided into two categories: CAR RACING series and DSP series. In the Car Racing series, Ferodo offers brake pads for numerous racing and conversion calipers, as well as replacements for high-performance cars and brake kits. The DSP series is the ideal choice for those who require certain track performance without sacrificing street comfort. In the development of the DSP, the formula of the racing skin is referenced and the OE material is also matched, and both performance and comfort can be achieved. Therefore, the DSP is recommended as a road-use - in line with the R90 standard (the EU street brake pad standard)

Why FERODO? Features and advantages:
    • Passed ISO16949 and 14001 certification All Ferodo brake pads are produced at the Federal-Mogul factory in Italy with the highest international ISO quality standards. Each brake shoe undergoes 26 independent quality control programs to ensure consistency between each batch.
    •Precision Engineering The back plates of all the brake pads are made of high-strength steel, which means that the deformation degree will be kept to a minimum even when subjected to high clamping forces in the car race. Brake pads and backplanes are highly dimensional, including flatness, parallelism and overall thickness. This can significantly increase the speed and uniformity of pressure transmission from the brake system to the brake shoe.
    •heat insulation Unlike many competing products, Ferrodo brake pads incorporate a thermal barrier in the design, placed between the friction material and the backplane. This design can effectively reduce the temperature of the caliper and can reduce the maximum temperature by about 80°C, which can effectively reduce the risk of boiling of the brake fluid. It is well known that the boiling of the brake fluid will greatly reduce the braking performance and make the brake pedal be as weak as a sponge.
    •High degree of friendliness to brake discs Unlike many competing products, Ferodo's brake pads are highly friendly to the brake discs. The design philosophy of Ferodo brake pads is to optimize the life of brake pads and brake discs at the same time, and it is not possible to increase the service life of the brake pads without increasing the wear of brake discs.
    •Highly controllable All Ferodo brake pads were developed to maintain a relatively stable coefficient of friction over a wide range of temperatures, pressures and speeds. This feature maintains the consistency of the brake feel and the linearity of the brake pedal feedback.
    •Braking material selection and the versatility of vehicle models Ferodo has a large number of skins to fit a variety of models, whether it is Car Racing series or DSP series. Friction materials and the versatility of vehicle models means that there will always be a suitable solution to meet customer requirements.