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    Endless is Japan's luxury refit brake brand, a brake brake accessory supplier that started with brake pads, gradually supplies its products with the concept of quality first. Its products are constantly known in Asia, and are constantly being modified by players in the industry. Favored. In the course of nearly 30 years of development, Endless products include brake calipers, brake discs, brake pads, brake hoses, brake oil, and brake peripheral accessories.

    In order to maximize performance and vehicle potential, the Endless Group has many projects. The main projects are divided into Endless Project Group and Endless Marketing. Endless's Key Project As a brake pad developer and manufacturer role, Endless's focus is on sales and Endless enthusiasm and product marketing, as well as maintenance and sales of racecars. The experience gained from racing then developed and fed back to the street to release its products. Endless Group has a motto in the use of global online channels and usage: to win the competition     The highest ranking formula in January 1987 when the F3000 machine was running on its first domestic track at Suzuka Circuit. At the same time, Endless's blue brake pads debuted for the first time. The design and safety have been recognized throughout the world through the endless efforts of overseas competitions such as Rally Racing, Paris Dakar, Super GT, Super Taikyu and other endless events. In these fields, Endless has performed numerous tests and continuously obtained brake pads. The focus is on the development of major projects of different ethnicity feedback.

    However, Endless will also focus on the entire system, including brake calipers, discs, brake lines and other components of the brake fluid. After the Endless project company was established, the company’s 70% market share of brake pads was obtained on the circuit and track of the car. From the gas chromatograph of the F3000, the result of the Group C series strengthened the rapid rise of the brake pads in this field, and the company's brake pads were highly recognized in the event applications.