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EBC is a company from the United Kingdom. Founded in 1978, it is part of the British Freedom Automobile Group. Currently, it has three factories around the world, and its product sales basically cover the world. British EBC brake skins are imported products, in addition to the brake skin for cars, but also includes trucks, motorcycles, and even bicycles and industrial brakes and other fields. And the product has passed the European Union's ECE R90 certification, with equal emphasis on environmental protection and safety.

EBC established early, grabbed the market opportunities, with excellent product quality and a broad product line, has a leading position in the global automotive aftermarket brake pads market, especially in sports cars, high-performance cars and racing car leather, etc. The high-end market plays a decisive role.
      EBC's products are 100% produced in their own factories, EBC's brake pads are based on market demand, motorcycle brake discs are 100% produced in British factories, and car brake discs are also based on market demand, 100% from the United Kingdom or the United States. Own factory. EBC currently has two production sites in Bristol and Northampton in the United Kingdom. In the United States, there are Ohio production bases and Southern California warehouse logistics centers.

According to the EBC, the most basic is BlackStuff - Black, only for street use; then GreenStuff - Green, with an upgraded version of the street; then Red Stuff - red, top version for street use; and finally YellowStuff and BlueStuff, yellow and blue, are all competitive brake pads.

      Designed for fast street cars with a horsepower of 200hp or less, it is the first class of brake pads to be upgraded. A notarized test at the British Vehicle Testing Track (MIRA) has confirmed that the brake distance is reduced by 9m (96km/h brake) compared to the ordinary brake pads.

REDSTUFF CERAMIC SUPER STREET PAD (red leather): Suitable for fast vehicles with 200HP or more, notarized by 13m (160km/h brake) on the high-performance model compared to ordinary brake pads. Reduce powder and reduce brake disc wear. Red skin cannot be used for events. When the car is just put on the car and it is not worn out, it will be a bit noisy when used in a low-humid environment. The problem of brake warming-up or running-in will be eliminated.

YELLOWSTUFF 'R'PAD (Yellow Leather): Made of all event materials, it can adapt to high temperature work and has better wear resistance. It can be safely used on highways, track days and drift races. The EBC yellow skin has been selected as the brake pads for the team of the Lotus and Ferrari track teams at the British Silverstone track. It has also been selected by many British police departments and has now passed the R90 certification for highway use. Low temperature performance and high temperature performance are also excellent.

BLUESTUFF NDX RACE MATERIAL PADS (blue leather): The world's first street racing skin: The new EBC NDX blue skin biggest improvement is the low temperature bite and progressive braking feeling, than any other brand of half-metal fiber racing skin to the brake disc Wear is lower. The "DEEP V" brake shoe groove allows gas, dust, debris and other by-products to be easily dissipated during braking, ensuring braking power at all times.