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CZV is the latest high-performance brake brand introduced by Chesslink, which designs and markets the original OE and modified brake parts.

At present, the CZV brand has developed dozens of products related to braking in the brake field, including brake discs, enlarged discs (original replacement discs), silencers, muffler springs, screws, and bridgeheads.

CZV Muffler Spring:  The muffler spring designed for AP Racing 5000R series calipers adopts the unique wire structure design of Racing caliper, which restores the original competitive characteristics of 5000R series calipers, and all heat treatment process, service life and The strength is greatly enhanced, and the abnormal noise caused by the bounce of the brake pad inside the caliper can be effectively suppressed. Compared with other conventional mufflers, the muffler will not become soft after the high temperature has passed, and the muffler will not be scraped with the brake disc to produce two Abnormal noise.

CZV brand brake disc: adopts European GG20 cast iron standard - CZV optimized adding formula, (iron raw material and formula is export grade) American AIMCO drawing. The cast iron standard is higher than the United States G3000. Far higher than domestic HT250 and Japanese FC250 gray cast iron standards, the ratio of carbon-manganese-silicon-sulphur-phosphorus ratio of molten steel is close to perfect, and the brake disc performance is slightly better than that of Porsche original imported brake discs.

CZV brand plum saucer: Before and after the plum disc for the Audi car system upgrade kit. CZV plum dish has anti-deformation crack resistance, no shake, stable braking characteristics, low braking noise, long wear life, exquisite design and excellent quality.

The CZV brand has accumulated more than 30 years of experience and core technology in the brake industry, and has been concentrating on craftsmanship in product research and development. As a result, its products are exquisitely manufactured.

Thanks to the outstanding performance in sales, development and manufacturing, CZV has gained a good reputation and excellent performance in the brand market share in both residential streets and race tracks.