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Brembo's advanced braking system is a company from Italy that designs, develops and manufactures high-performance brake systems and components. In 1975, Ferrari started to equip Brembo's brake system with its Formula One car, and since then some of the other famous sports car brands - Aston Martin, Chevrolet, Maserati and Porsche - have begun to The sports car was equipped with Brembo brake system, and later Cadillac XTS and Nissan-GT-R both used Brembo braking system.
Brembo is committed to improving the performance of the system, so it invests heavily in R&D. The "Kilometer Red Wall" is one of the most important science and technology parks in Italy and was certified by CENSIS (2009 Report) as one of the top ten outstanding innovation projects in Italy. The headquarters of Brembo headquarters is among them. The center has more than 390 engineers working in the R&D field and is constantly looking for more innovative solutions. Brembo is respected by everyone as an R&D and innovation force in the industry, and it is also respected in the field of brake manufacturing. The company strictly controls every step of the production process, from the initial design to casting and assembly. The laboratory also uses test simulations and road tests to ensure product performance.

Brembo's brake system has a big feature, that is, a more gradual braking response, unlike other brands of features, the suspension requirements are too tough, even if some models have slightly modified the package suspension system will not be There is a big nodding condition when braking. Today, Brembo continues to shine in the ranks of high-end brake brands and continues to gain popularity.